“The Best Doggone Bakery” – Excerpt from Chapter 12: Ducks in a Row

Published June 9, 2018

The next morning as Carl put on his coat to leave for his jobsite, Millie asked him to please contact Sandra.

“If I don’t hear from her by noon, I will,” he said as he kissed her goodbye. A few hours later, after she had fed and walked the dogs and cleaned the kitchen, she tried opening a book, but even though she loved the romantic comedy she was reading, she couldn’t concentrate.

Carl finally called Millie around eleven. “Good news, sort of. Sandra found out that it’s Christopher’s grandparents’ names on the deed. Obviously, for some unknown reason, his parents and grandparents deceived him. Now she has to locate the grandparents. Sandra seems to remember Annabel was friendly with them and knows where they are.”