“The Best Doggone Bakery” – Excerpt from Chapter 15: The Space

Published June 18, 2018

Ten days later, Millie asked her partners meet her at the bakery around five p.m. She had been at the site every day watching over the construction work, and she was excited for them to see the progress on the building. Carl’s help had been invaluable. He stopped by every day to make sure that the work was being done to his specifications. A bonus was getting to see him during the day, especially when they managed to slip away and enjoy a quiet lunch.

Carl had suggested some small changes which the carpenters had completed. The most complicated one had been changing the door to the kitchen from a swing door to a pocket door. The electricians had done such a superb job on the inside that Carl had asked them to do some work on the outside. He had asked them to add a lantern on the side of the front door and post lamps along the path that led from the street to the bakery. Christopher had used only a few lights up on the roofline, and it had always been tricky walking up the path when it started to get dark. Carl had insisted that the area be safe for everyone.