Behind The Scenes

Published July 23, 2018

I thought it might interest my readers to know why I wrote The Best Doggone Bakery.
There were several compelling reasons. First, I wanted to provide a pleasant escape from everyday life and I my fervent hope is that anyone who loves dogs and happy endings will enjoy The Best Doggone Bakery.
The second reason is very dear to my heart.
My family has rescued quite a few shelties over the years, and Luke who appears in this book became the dog of my childhood dreams. He died soon after Mollie’s Tail was published (he had bladder cancer and was gone way too young) and I couldn’t bring myself to write about him in a non-fiction setting like Mollie’s Tail. In a fiction setting can live on forever in all my books.
Even some of my characters are like so many people I know and some that I have met on FB who love and cherish their dogs and enjoy spending time with them.
This book is for all of you. And to those of you who over the years have sent me notes about Mollie’s Tail and how much it meant to you….you have no idea how special your notes were for me, and for Mollie who I am sure is watching over me.
Thank you so very much,