A Strawberry on Top

Published October 22, 2018

After I finished writing The Best Doggone Bakery my publisher sent me a cover concept that I believed made the book appear to be a cookbook. It is not so I decided to tackle the cover myself.
I envisioned a whimsical cupcake on the cover and I looked at thousands of cupcakes and I found the perfect one but it had a strawberry on top.. That posed a problem for me because, I wasn’t sure dogs could eat strawberries and in my opinion a cover should have some relevance to the story.
To my total surprise I found out strawberries are very healthy for dogs. Now I was happy with my cupcake but I somehow needed to incorporate strawberries into the storyline. I am not going to tell you how I did that. You will have to read The Best Doggone Bakery to find out my solution