Letter to my Readers

Published November 26, 2018

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Sometimes, when you look back over your life you realize that one single impulse decision profoundly changed everything in your future. For me, that happened the day I got a phone call from my vet asking me to save the life of a dog named Mollie.
I was told her owners wanted her euthanized. No good reason was given. I had no idea that she was not a normal four year old sheltie who simply needed a new home.
Mollie was a dear sweet dog with many issues but over the course of ten years we came to love her and she loved us as no other dog I have owned loved us. I guess that might because she had been really horribly abused and she knew “love” when she found us.
I don’t like to talk or write about Mollie’s death as that event was so very traumatic, and it took many months to get over it. To this day, I still can’t think about it without regrets. But after she was gone, it was at some point, I realized Mollie’s story should be told as a teaching moment and as a tribute to her. I sat down to write about her life and many years later it was published.
Fast forward to now, I am so thankful for each and every reader who has read Mollie’s Tail. To those of you that are disappointed in my telling of her story I am truly sorry. I only wanted people to realize the value in adopting a dog that otherwise would have been thrown away. I wasn’t a trained writer so I did the best I could and truly I worked on this book for many years. I told the story from my point of view which included everyday events in my life. Obviously, I overdid it, and I wish I had done it differently so readers would focus on Mollie’s story and not get lost in my everyday activities.
I owe a debt of gratitude to those readers who got through the unnecessary details and understood that the sole purpose of this book was to encourage other people to rescue and to honor Mollie. Some readers had similar experiences with a dog of their own and totally “got” Mollie’s life with us.
After finishing Mollie’s story I realized I enjoyed the writing process and wanted to try to write another book that included Luke and Annie, two rescues who came to us as a result of our having Mollie. This time I wanted to write a “happily ever after” story. A feel good story. I knew I needed more writing skills so I went about taking classes, worked hard to learn the craft. and took many other steps to become a good storyteller. I feel really good about The Best Doggone Bakery and the story of Millie Whitfield who wants to open a dog bakery in her home town of Houndsville.
I am now in the process of writing a sequel to that book, but maybe sometime in the future I will try to re-write Mollie’s Tail so that it will be a book that all people will love. I promise to leave out all the everyday minutia.
Mollie’s life changed the day she “chose” me, and by choosing “me” she changed my life forever.
Maybe, just maybe she knows!!!